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Olivia's Book Club

Jun 27, 2023

A group of college friends lose one member of the group to suicide just before graduation in 1995. The loss resonates and shapes their relationships for decades in this funny and moving novel by Steven Rowley. Steven returns to the podcast to talk about his fantastic 2023 release, a story that is personal to the author...

Jun 20, 2023

Riley Sager is back and this creepy, twisty thriller takes readers on a tense ride to reveal what really happened the night of the Hope family murders, and why then 17-year-old Lenora was THE ONLY ONE LEFT.

Sager returns to the podcast for the third time to talk about his latest work, his book tour, and the plans for...

Jun 13, 2023

Ashley Audrain, the author of the 2021 powerhouse women’s fiction debut, THE PUSH, returns to the podcast to talk with Olivia about her new novel, THE WHISPERS.

THE WHISPERS takes us to an affluent street where we experience life, frustration, marriage concerns, parenting failures, heartbreaks,...

May 30, 2023

Happiness Project Founder and New York Times bestselling author
Gretchen Rubin returns to the podcast to talk with Olivia about her new 
book, LIFE IN FIVE SENSES, another useful tool for the toolkit of anyone 
who shares her insatiable desire to understand human nature and find 
ways to live a happier life.

For this...

May 23, 2023

“A plane crashes into the ocean, sinks with people trapped inside,” T.J. Newman says in describing the premise of this summer’s new novel, DROWNING. The writer returns to the podcast to talk with Olivia about battling the pressures of following up her debut bestseller, and her gratitude for the opportunity to live...