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Olivia's Book Club

Feb 8, 2022

Irish writer Lisa Harding makes her American literary debut with the highly acclaimed novel, “Bright Burning Things.” Harding writes an emotionally powerful story of Sonya, an actress and single mother who is spiraling out of control, battling alcoholism and trauma. Her four-year-old son, Tommy, is simultaneously Sonya’s lifeline and her prison as the pressures of motherhood push her to her limits. The child is heartbreakingly saddled with playing the role of adult, adoring his mother, and anxiously navigating his unstable environment. Lisa joined the podcast from Dublin to talk about this emotionally raw story: her desire to tell a story of addiction authentically, her reaction to both the success of the book and reader reaction who found it too difficult. Formerly a professional actress, Lisa also tells Olivia about her experience recording the audiobook and what fueled the most stunning moments of her performance.

After the author interview, Olivia and Margaret discuss “Crying In H Mart” by Michelle Zauner and Rebecca Serle’s “One Italian Summer.”

“Bright Burning Things” is available in hardcover from HarperVia.