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Olivia's Book Club

Oct 19, 2021

Halloween is creeping up and it is time for some suspenseful reads, and no one does it better than Lisa Jewell.  This time, Jewell takes us to a posh boarding school in the English countryside where many secrets lurk in the beauty, in her latest thriller, The Night She Disappeared.  The author joins the podcast to talk about the book and tells Olivia the surprising way she approached the novel: beginning with the setting and a “Dig Here” sign, rather than a crime or even a character! She talks with Olivia about recent travels to Spain, getting her daughters to read her books, and switching her book tour to virtual. She also lends her opinion on who readers should and should not tell, when they don’t love a book or a moment in her books, hint: it is NOT the author!

After the interview, Olivia and Margaret discuss their obsession with British accents, how charming Lisa is, and why Jewell’s catalogue is so worth a deep dive, Halloween themes, and another fan favorite Taylor Jenkins Reid and her latest novel, “Malibu Rising.”