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Olivia's Book Club

Mar 14, 2023

For attorney turned novelist William Landay, the justice system is a complex beast, and the stories worth telling don’t often resolve simply.

The intense emotion of uncertainty of what to believe is what propelled the narrative of William Landay’s 2012 bestselling novel DEFENDING JACOB, recently adapted as a limited series for Apple TV+. 

More than ten years later, Landay is back with a new family drama that also involves the courtroom. ALL THAT IS MINE I CARRY WITH ME begins with the disappearance of a suburban mother of three, Miranda Larkin, spouse of a prominent criminal defense attorney. The investigation, fears, suspicions, and absence of the matriarch and questions of the father’s involvement fuel the moving story that spans decades, grappling with the uncertainty of never knowing what to truly believe.

“It is human beings in a jury box, human beings who are judges and lawyers, and mistakes are made. So I wanted to capture some of that uncertainty – which is a difficult thing, when working toward a conclusion is the whole heart of the story,” Landay says as he joins Olivia on the podcast. He shares the journey over the years to write his fourth novel, and what advice he has for other writers who sometimes find the craft full of challenges. ALL THAT IS MINE I CARRY WITH ME published in hardcover by Bantam Books, and is available in audio.

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