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Olivia's Book Club

Jan 25, 2022

Katherine Faulkner has an impressive new title to add to an already impressive (or posh) resume.  The Cambridge grad is the Head of News Projects for The Sunday Times, and now a debut novelist, with the release of “Greenwich Park” from Gallery Books.

The story centers around Helen, a complicated and often socially awkward woman who- after many miscarriages is pregnant again and carrying her baby to term. Helen falls into an unusual friendship with Rachel, a fellow expectant mom who quickly and deliberately inserts herself into Helen’s life for mysterious reasons. The book is a psychological thriller illustrating that we never know what lies beneath the surface of the shiny veneers of affluent suburbanites.

Katherine joins the podcast to talk about the book, the balancing of her news career and what it brings to her creative writing, lends insight into some of settings and backgrounds that prove to be important to the characters in “Greenwich Park” that Americans might not pick up on.

A Moment With Margaret: they discuss this book, looking forward to the upcoming release of “The Golden Couple” and get sidetracked from books with a chat about Wordl and other word games.

Katherine Faulkner’s “Greenwich Park” is released in the US January 25, 2022.

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