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Olivia's Book Club

Jan 11, 2022

Rachel Hawkins’ 2020 release of “The Wife Upstairs” was a huge hit. The contemporary thriller inspired by “Jane Eyre” was the first release outside of the YA genre and showed she can craft a page-turner for a variety of audiences. Rachel talks with Olivia about “Reckless Girls” (published January 2022) that tracks Lux and her boyfriend Nico as they sail off from Hawaii in search of Meroe Island, a remote location with a dark, menacing history with other twenty-somethings in search of adventure and packed with secrets.

Rachel talks about her recent success under the pseudonym Erin Sterling, choosing a new name, her love of literature, and her next thriller in the works.

In a special Moment with Margaret, Margaret Stewart recommends a 2010 book with a nautical theme, “Bloody Jack” by L.A. Meyer, and explains why she has no interest in slowing down her audio speed.